Growing a Longevity Economy

approve_comment Become an age-friendly accredited business. SUPA-NZ assists business to align their image, products or customer services with the mature and ageing market. The age-friendly logo will define your business commitment. Boomer business is big business.  Read more …

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Understand, adapt and innovate

approve_comment  Find out about local and global information, initiatives and opportunities as people, organizations, workplaces,  local and central governments reorganize to value longevity, elder independence, diversity and contribution.   Read more …

Liveable Communities

image #2We live in a world where populations are ageing for the first time in human history.     Age-friendly social and environmental improvements are needed to support elder wellbeing and independence. It values people’s desire to continue to live in their own home and age-in- place in their community. Many initiatives are underway here in New Zealand and in cities and communities world wide.   Read more